GentriFRIED the Web Series!

Coming soon! GentriFRIED the Short Documnetary Web Series. As we move forward with production we want to share footage that is not making it into the film but is still very compelling. As much as we want, we can’t put it all in the film. The interviews we do contain a lot great information on gentrification. gentrifried_web_series

So instead of leaving it all on the cutting room floor never to be seen again, we decided we would share it through a web series. Coming soon we will be posting short doc episodes free! through our YouTube Channel. Not only will these compelling shorts be insightful on the topic of gentrification but you will also learn the stories behind the interviewees in the film. So stay tuned. We hope to be getting on a regular schedule of episodes. We will also include behind the scenes episodes to give oyu further knowledge about our process and the fun we have shooting films!

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